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4 Popular ideas for garden makeovers

Unless you have an absolutely perfect garden with not a blade out of place, you might be in the mood to explore garden makeovers. These can be as little as replacing the dead turf in the back garden with fresh new turf or as much as a complete redesign with retaining walls, new paths and garden beds. If you are interested in changing your garden’s design, then you might already have  few ideas in mind. To help give you more inspiration for your makeover, let’s take a look at four of the more popular ideas that SE QLD homeowners have embraced lately.

 1. Outdoor entertainment areas

Whether you want a complete outdoor kitchen or just a fire pit with rustic seating, outdoor entertainment areas are very popular in our corner of the world. Our mild winters and hot summers mean that we can use our outdoor spaces all year round, so it simply makes sense to maximise your living and entertainment spaces by extending into the garden. Maybe you want an undercover area for your BBQ with an outdoor fridge and al fresco dining? Making use of your outdoor spaces is an essential characteristic of Brisbane homeowners, so why not give us a call and explore a few garden makeover ideas with us?

 2. Add some hardscaping to your garden

If you are always walking across the grass or a dirt track to the washing line or the shed, why not build a concrete or paved path? It’s no fun walking through wet grass or muddy dirt, not when you can solve the problem quite easily with hardscaping. There might be other areas of your garden where you have trodden a path through the grass, well why not build a permanent path? This will make your yard look more appealing and stop the path getting muddy in the rain. You can also consider covering some of the ground with pebbles or decking, it all depends on how you use the outdoor spaces. A lovely timber decked area can cover a multitude of sins and looks particularly fabulous! Paths can also be made of decking, raising the paths above the ground if you tend to have a problem with drainage in the rain. We take on lots of garden makeovers where we use hardscaping to add an extra dimension to the exterior of Brisbane homes, so why not give it some thought for your home?

 3. Using local or native plants in garden makeovers

Plants that are locally grown or in particular, native plants, are already adapted for the local environment. In Brisbane this means that they require less water and are often very drought tolerant. Many native plants are also havens for native wildlife, especially birds, and many homeowners plant natives for these two reasons – their drought tolerance and the abundance of birdlife when the plants are in flower. Gardens based on native flora are also much less demanding of your time, as they need little maintenance. Maybe a good pruning every year, but generally, native plants look fabulous and manage themselves.

 4. Creating your own private oasis at home

With our busy lives, many homeowners are renovating their gardens to create an inspiring private oasis where they can de-stress and relax at the end of the day. Just breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the view of your garden can be enough to refresh your soul. We can help you create a wonderful relaxing oasis in your Brisbane home. Garden makeovers are our speciality!

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