Are all landscape contractors created equal?

If you’re ready to renovate your gardens, it’s time to find the best landscape contractors in your area, but how do you do that? Are all landscapers equal? Unfortunately, as with any trade, not all landscapers are the same, because they have different specialties, skills, qualifications and experience. Here’s a few tips to help you find the right landscapers for your job.

Finding the best contractors for your garden makeover

The best way to start your search is to have a design in mind or a basic overview of what you actually want done on your land. Even if it’s just that you want some sort of natural landscaping around the pool, stone pathways and a retaining wall. Knowing the basics you can work out the details later with your landscaper.

Next you need to ask around your network of friends and relatives and see if any of them have hired landscape contractors in the past few years and if so, would they recommend them? It’s always great when a friend recommends a contractor, because it gives you more faith in the company. It’s also a good idea to search online for local landscapers, as they will know your area well and understand the soil types, etc. Make a list of at least three companies and be sure to check their websites for the following pieces of information.

Qualifications: Do they have any professional qualifications? Often, landscapers don’t include their qualifications on their website, so look for a QBCC licence number, because that tells you they are a licenced builder (which is good!). At Vorstman Constructions, we are QBCC licenced builders and we can do all your hard and soft landscaping, whether residential or commercial.

Experience: How much experience do they have in landscaping? Whilst you don’t mind apprentices learning on the job, they need to be supervised by someone who is experienced. At Vorstman Constructions, we have more than 20 years’ experience in the landscaping industry and have worked all over Queensland creating fabulous gardens for both residential and commercial clients. 

Do you like them? This is one of the best ways to make your decision. If they are qualified and experienced – do you like them? Do you think that you can work with them? Will they listen to your opinions and work with you to achieve your dream landscaping? If you own a commercial property, this might not be such a big deal, as long as they can do the job. For a homeowner however, it can be a very big deal. So once you have your short list of at least three landscape contractors, your next step is to contact them, talk about your project and ask them to come out and discuss it with you. A face to face meeting is the best way to decide whether or not you feel comfortable with them and if you are, then ask for a quote.

Ask for quotes: Quotes can be different between landscapers, but don’t believe that the cheapest is the best. Many people have been stung by opting for the cheapest quote and then not being happy with the results. Qualifications, experience and being easy to get along with are some of the most important factors when choosing landscapers.

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